“Mate….what’s wrong with your face?”

Europe Part 1: Brighton, UK – Koblenz DE

We’ve been on the road 11 days now and to be honest it still doesn’t feel like we are going to be cycling any  longer than a couple of weeks…It still feels like we will be finishing soon and flying back home.

Saying “Bye England!” on our very early morning ferry to Dunkirk

The cycling was lovely and flat for the first week through Belgium and the Netherlands (with the exception of the ridiculously steep hills from Brighton to Dover, but the less said about them the better…) which was a nice way of easing into the cycling but after a week it started to get a bit boring to be honest. Believe it or not we were glad when we came into some rolling hills coming up to the Rhine river. It’s been incredibly good cycling along the Rhine with good cycle paths and many other cyclists to meet and chat to as well as some awesome scenery!

100km down, 17km to go till Bruges!
Our first day off from the bikes wandering around Bruges.

No problems so far with the bikes and with our gear! However we had a few minor problems with our bodies so far. I was struggling to go to the toilet for the first few days and Josephine encountered a range of unfortunate issues. She came out in some strange rash stretching from her ankles to her face as well as about 30 swollen pussing insect bites (I somehow had 0). Josephine also woke up one morning with a completely swollen face that looked like she’d been punched by a drunk on a Friday night! the swelling went down but the next morning she had a swollen bottom lip. Maybe I was boxing in my sleep?

Teeth brushing time a little away from our wild camp spot in the forest.


Tim who put us up for the night in Maastricht having a go on our steeds (He’s a lawyer – hence the suit!)

It’s also nice to be back in Germany as I know a bit of the language. At least here when people ask us something about our bikes/trip I can give an answer instead of saying “Sorry we don’t speak Dutch!”.

We’re currently sitting in a park in Koblenz researching somewhere we can do some wine tasting. We both don’t know anything about wine but we like the taste of it is surely that’s enough?


Fashioning an England and New Zealand flag to our bikes

Things we have enjoyed:

  1. Tailwinds
  2. Smooth cycle paths
  3. Sunsets
  4. Belgian Beer
  5. Our GPS tracker (Spot Gen 3)

Things we have’t enjoyed:

  1. Bumpy paths
  2. Pedestrians in the cycle paths
  3. Dusty dirty water bottles (may be a problem in India?

2 thoughts on ““Mate….what’s wrong with your face?”

  1. Well done guys, keep it up. Anti-histamine tablets should help with the insect bites I found (Disclaimer: I’m not medically trained so seek advise :)). It will soon become a way of life 😉 take care


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